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Pedigree Shetland Ponies and Miniature Horses

At Ravenwood Shetlands, we’re passionate about breeding and raising pedigree Shetlands and Miniature Horses who exemplify the breed’s finest qualities. Our show-winning program produces beautifully conformed, well-tempered ponies that honor the Shetland breed both in and out of the ring. With over 36 years of experience in horsemanship, Ravenwood elevates the standard for AMHR, ASPC, and AMHA-size Shetlands and Miniatures. Whether you’re looking to purchase a horse, utilize our stud services, or simply learn more about our program, we’re eager to show you exactly what makes the Shetland breed so special.

About Our Farm

Our “quality over quantity” mentality has allowed us to focus on producing well-mannered, universally admired Shetlands with proven pedigrees. After years of breeding and showing 34-inch and under Miniature Horses, we began breeding a B-size horse with the same kind, responsive personality found in Miniatures. Today, Ravenwood Shetlands honors and advances the Shetland breed through our show-winning program, and we can’t wait for you to become a part of it.
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Learn more about our stallions, stud fees, and how you can advance your own program through Ravenwood Shetlands.

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Ravenwood’s mares possess the gentle temperament and stunning appearance that has made the Shetland breed so popular. Combined with their success in the show ring, our stunning mares have proven to produce some of the best pedigree Shetlands available today. View our mares to learn more.

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Show Horses

Our program is skilled at producing stunning, show-winning Shetlands and Miniatures. Discover past champions at Ravenwood Shetlands.

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