About Ravenwood

Ravenwood Shetlands is the result of a partnership between Ravenwood Miniatures and Black Mountain Miniatures. After years of friendship and a shared passion for breeding and showing the AMHA (A size) miniature horse, we merged these two programs in 2017 to begin breeding AMHR (B size) Shetlands. This gentle breed still possesses the kind, gentle personality of a Miniature Horse while possessing the conformation and universally admired beauty of a full-size horse. We showed our first Ravenwood Shetland horse, Coci’s Royal Marquess of Roses, in 2019 with great success, and we have been expanding our program ever since.

Breeding Philosophy

As breeders, our goal at Ravenwood is not to change the Shetland type but to honor it and enhance it. Our breeding program is focused around quality over quantity, allowing us to produce beautiful, well-mannered horses for show and recreational use. With more than 36 years of experience in showing, breeding, and raising both A size and B size horses, we have the knowledge and passion it takes to create a successful breeding program. We’re eager to help advance yours, too.

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